With all the news about the death of blogging due to Andrew Sullivan saying goodbye, it seems fit for me to… start blogging again. Not that the news had anything to do with the decision, it’s just a silly coincidence.

A couple of things will be different from before though. First of all, as you probably noticed, I’m trying this in english. Reason will become clear in a moment.

The blog will have an added focus. I used to be all web and life, and that probably will remain key topics. But my experience working for a city has given me an extra subject. At the City of Antwerp we’ve been putting a lot of effort in building a digital layer over the physical one. The last two years were dedicated to what has become a foundation for a fundamental shift in how a city like Antwerp might operate, communicate and evolve. Until recently this appeared to be a dream of a small group of people, but a couple of weeks ago I was at the Connected Smart Cities conference in Brussels and something became very clear to me: this shift, this search is happening everywhere. And it’s events like these and organisations like the ones present that will help make this happen. We’ve been working hard on something we very much needed in our own city, but it’s time to move beyond that.

So expect more posts about what I’m currently doing at Digipolis and what I’m exploring beyond the scope of the city I live in. And for that, I need to expand my horizon as far as possible, hence the english from now on.