We’re going back to Vanilla!

And they didn’t lie. I could be cheeky and refer to the queue’s but that doesn’t matter so much if you’re in a Guild Chat on Teamspeak. Because we’re all there, waiting and bringing up memories of all those years.

First of all the ad is perfect. High production, captures the atmosphere perfectly and enough winks in it to get you to watch it frame by frame (There’s another GOT reference in there besides Hodor for instance). And the song is on repeat.

But the game… Classic pulls you back in time. No, I didn’t play Vanilla, but even starting just before Wrath, it had the same feeling as now. I didn’t know about addons so I had to look for everything myself. And there were a lot of other players helping each other out because they were all starting too. This is in sharp contrast with the main game where every move you do wrong comes with someone calling you a noob. In Classic, everyone starts from zero again and has to do everything on foot with just a couple of silver in their backpack.

So thanks, Blizzard, for taking the time and resources to rebuild this game from the ground up and putting it out there as an extra for subscribers. I hope the feeling lasts at least for some months.