SSIS 2008

Miljaar, die sessie van de Belgian SQL Server User Group ziet er verdomd interessant uit en ik kan niet gaan.

Session 1: what’s new in SSIS 2008 by Nico Verheire

  • Integrating data with ADO.NET
  • Scripting with VSTA
  • Introducing the new lookup transformation (including caching)
  • Managing change in a data warehouse: how to use Change Data Capture (CDC) and use of the MERGE statement
  • Dealing with data quality: the Data Profiling Task
  • Session 2: Deep-dive session about improving SSIS performance given by Geert Vanhove
    This session will address some problems that might occur when a SSIS solution needs to scale because DB and data volumes to load are getting larger. This session is not only a statement of how you can improve your SSIS performance; the impact of each optimization step is shown in action throughout the demo package that will be the red wire of this presentation…

    Eens proberen met Nico en Geert te connecten.