The first day

Sometimes having kids is exhausting. “Stop stalling!”, “How many times do I have to say NO?”,  “That’s no reason to cry, stop the drama!”, “You just drank water a minute ago, get in bed!”

But today, I picked our eldest up from school. When I entered, I saw all the kids watching TV but he wasn’t with them. I was sitting all by himself, coloring. “He wanted to finish the drawing”, one of the women looking after them told me. I went and sat down next to him. He was nearly done. I asked him who the drawing was for and he said it was for the woman who just talked to me. He finished up and went over to her to give it. She didn’t expect it and was clearly moved by it.

If you hear a parent complain about children and ending it with “but it’s worth it”, this is the type of thing they’re referring to. Might sound simple enough, but I can’t be more proud, of both of them really.

My first day at the new job was awesome, but this takes the cake.

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