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There is no Phase 4

What stood out at Marvel’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con was the attempt to unify them all into Phase 4 when they could exist on their own. Giving shows to heroes of movies past is a great idea. Trying to keep them as part of any Phase when the Infinity Saga is over, though, seems odd. It could just let the movies be movies and the shows be shows.

So we get 5 movies in theatres and 5 shows exclusively on Disney+ between now and 2021. This makes sense, in a way that the previous shows on other platforms hinted to the main Cinematic storyline they have no more. They don’t need to be subtle anymore, they can now deepen the main characters in full blown series on their own platform.

But like the article states, the content seems to go all over the place. Will there still be an Avengers-like main storyline in which everything comes together? Or don’t they need it anymore? If there is going to be one, and you follow the hint at the end of Endgame, it will be in Falcon&Winter Soldier. But that’s a series, not a movie.

And Disney+ will be a beast that needs to be fed with a load of content to keep subscribers aboard, and Marvel Studios will be one of the biggest suppliers. Whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen.

via wired