Google bedankt

Toen ik vandaag wou inloggen op Gmail las ik dit:

A Google approach to email.

2004 was quite a year for us! Here’s a quick recap:

April 1st: Gmail launches. Some thought it was a joke, but we were serious about our gig of free space. (The real April Fool’s jokers wanted to give people the moon.)

July 10th: Users can import contacts. Suddenly, keeping in touch with faraway friends becomes a lot easier.

October 9th: We finally add ‘Save Drafts.’ No one is more excited than we are about never again having to answer “Why don’t you have a way for users to save drafts?”

November 7th: Ideas POP into mind. Why not offer POP and auto-forwarding for free? Sure. Why not?

And of course, there’s the one thing that we’ve been doing every day… trying to build a great email service for you. After all, it’s all about you. We read the blogs, the forums, and every testimonial. We appreciate all the nice things you say. There are so many ways for you to contact us, but so few for us to speak to you. So as we start the new year, we just want to say: “Thanks.”

We hope you enjoy our approach to email in 2005!

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